RFC Weekly - 2nd May 2016

Being a Good Open Source Citizen

Good podcast talking about how to be a better open source citizen.

Provides advice on how to be better as both a consumer and a owner.

This was inspired by an article by Scott Hanselman. He was writing about how intimating it can be for newbies to get involved. How we have a responsibility to help those who are starting.

It has certainly helped me to rethink my stance to that faceless voice asking me the same question that has been asked a hundred times.

Software has bugs – this is normal

I find it interesting that there are still people that believe that software can be 100% bug free.

I've even been involved in a project which had a third party consultancy assessment – where the consultant was convinced that software not only could but should be 100% bug free.

Good article on why this is simply not the case here

More Angular 2

Lots of tools are being prepared in advance of the release of Angular 2. Having learnt from Angular 1 and other projects, there are considerable efforts to provide a lot of up front advice.

The following has been taken from the April 11th Angular weekly meeting:
Style Guide: John Papa is leading style guide development with Minko Gechev and others. 
Angular CLI: Currently implementing the style guide into our blueprints. Will integrate offline compilation next. 
Batarangle (rename pending): Working towards first release of this Chrome dev tool for helping explore/debug Angular 2 apps. Has many neat features like visualization of components, DI, and routes in one integrated graph.
Language Services: Creating service to provide intellisense for Angular templates. Metadata extraction done. Many more steps required to get it to editors. Chuck has a hacked-up version that uses Angular compiler infrastructure to show errors that we produce in the IDE.
ngLint: Minko Gechev is building a linter tool to give real time feedback to developers to help them follow the style guide. Integrating with Language Services so developers can get this help on command line and in IDEs.”

Shameless self-promotion

Within my ROI series on LinkedIn, I’ve taken a look at the ROI of Building the thing right. This article looks at why it can be a better ROI to focus on the IT excellence than aligning IT the business.

The fifth article of my Asp.Net Core series is currently mid progress. I’m adding a very basic WebAPI plumbed into a simple Angular app. I should have this released within the week.