RFC Weekly - 25th April 2016

Angular Style Guides

Angular like so many technologies – especially JavaScript – provide a lot of options – possibly to many.

The Angular Style Guides aim to provide advice on a common way to use the Frameworks. Not only do they provide an opinionated resource, they also explain why.

The Angular 1 style guide can be found here.

The Angular 2 style guide is very much work in progress and can found here. This guide is set to evolve as experience with Angular 2 emerges.

Plain English JavaScript Prototypes

Great article on explaining about JavaScript prototypes.

Large Agile Framework Appropriate for Big, Lumbering Enterprises

Scarily amusing look at enterprise scale agile frameworks.

It can be found here

Shameless self-promotion

Hooray … two articles this week. Oh the joy (even if this one is a little light);

Within my ROI series on LinkedIn, I've taken a look at the ROI of Hero Developers. I take a look at what a Hero Developer is, why they can seem a great idea – and why it isn't always the success it can seem. This article can be found here.

Finally completed the fourth article looking into Asp.Net Core. I've had a lot of fun getting to know Gulp – it might have taken a while, but a really useful tool to have in the toolkit. The article can be found here