Automated Build - Part 5 - The master job

This is part of my automated build series. The aim is to automate a lot of the Cordova Background Service plugin process.

In this blog I'll create a master job to make use of the parameterized build and test jobs created previously in this series.


This step is probably the easiest.  It simply calls the jobs already created for the different versions I want to build.

Note that I need to manually add any new versions to this job - but this is a small price to pay for the time saved in the actual build and test.


For this part, I'll be using the following tools:

The Job

To create the job;

1) Create a new "Build Flow" project called "BackgroundServicePlugin Build All"

2) Set Source Code Management to None (we will run this manually)

3) Add the following to the Define build flow:

And save the Job - yes that's it.

Wrap up

This really is the easier job to create because all of the heavy lifting is done by the build & test projects.

We will add some additional steps to this job in the next and final part to help prepare for GitHub upload.

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