Blogs updated for Cordova 2.x.x


I've updated my blogs for Cordova 2.x.x.

Below is a summary of the differences:


I've renamed a number of the files in the Plugin to make versioning a lot easier going forward.

Cordova config

Previously we registered the plugin within res\xml\plugins.xml.

Within Cordova 2.x.x, this is now res\xml\config.xml

Registering the plugin

The registering of a plugin is different under Cordova 2.x.x, and now needs to use cordova.define.

See myService-2.0.0.js as an example of how to do this.

Changes to calling the plugin

Under Cordova 1.8.1 the service is called (from the html) via window.plugins.myService.method(xxx).

Under Cordova 2.x.x you can drop the window.plugins so that it is just myService.method(xxx).

Spread the love

If you find the Background Service Plugin useful then spread the love.

All the work I do on the Plugin is done in my spare time - time I would otherwise be spending taking my wife out for a nice meal or helping my lad find vinyl records (he's currently very much into The Smiths, Fleetwood Mac and Kate Bush).

The Plugin is free and will always remain free. I will continue to develop, maintain and distribute the Plugin under the MIT License.

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